Millers O'Brien ONE

Scarlett Cibilich

Harry Culy

Lucy O’Doherty

Moniek Schrijer

Kāryn Taylor

Christopher Ulutupu

Erica van Zon

Denys Watkins

Will Bennett

Caitlin Devoy

Alan Ibell

Jaime Jenkins

Sam Kelly

Julian McKinnon

Elisabeth Pointon

Exhibition runs 5-27 July

A first birthday group exhibition featuring one work from our represented artists and one work from invited guests.

Millers O'Brien āryn Taylor

Kāryn Taylor, Untitled (Teal), 2019. Cast acrylic. 700 x 490 x 40mm

Millers O'Brien Julian McKinnon

Julian McKinnon, Entheogen, 2019. Aluminium relief and acrylic resin. 300 x 400mm

Millers O'Brien Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly, In decision procedure, 2019. Cow bone, glue, steel. 300 x 220 x 100mm

Millers O'Brien Jaime Jenkins

Jaime Jenkins, Pillar II (flower), 2019. Stoneware. 460 x 410 x 410mm

Millers O'Brien Lucy O’Doherty

Lucy O’Doherty, Piopiotahi/Milford Sound reflection, 2019. Pastel on paper (framed). 590 x 490mm

Millers O'Brien Denys Watkins

Denys Watkins, Striker, 2013. Acrylic on board (framed). 232 x 282mm

Millers O'Brien Erica van Zon

Erica van Zon, Teuila at Fugalei Market, 2019 (from the Six Days in Samoa series). Cotton on canvas. 333 x 386mm

Millers O'Brien Christopher Ulutupu

Christopher Ulutupu, In Memorandum, 2019. Looped video, shelves, artificial flowers. 8:01min. Stills Photography: Kasmira Krefft. Special Mention: Enjoy Gallery, Ashley Ulutupu

Millers O'Brien Alan Ibell

Alan Ibell, Night Walk, 2019. Acrylic on canvas (framed). 310 x 410mm

Millers O'Brien Caitlin Devoy

Caitlin Devoy, Nude, 2017. Wood, latex, nipple clamps. 411 x 545mm

Millers O'Brien Harry Culy

Harry Culy, Untitled (Eden), Queensland, Australia. 2019. Archival pigment print (framed). 762 x 610mm. Edition of 3 + AP

Millers O'Brien Moniek Schrijer

Moniek Schrijer, Leonardo (necklace), 2019. Sterling silver, brass, aluminium studs, steel screws, patina (waxed). 150 x 200mm

Millers O'Brien Scarlett Cibilich

Scarlett Cibilich, Tonal, 2019. Cedar, digital print on silk, powder coated aluminium channels. Overall dimensions 1240 x 1400mm

Millers O'Brien Elisabeth Pointon

Elisabeth Pointon, It’s a big one, 2018. Originally exhibitied as part of Don’t miss out at The Dowse Art Museum, 2018. PVC, 2.2 metre diameter

Millers O'Brien Will Bennett

Will Bennett, Child under a Tree, 2018. Oil on board (framed). 168 x 217mm

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