Moniek Schrijer

Heart of the Golden Sun

13 September – 6 October 2018

Street sweeper (necklace), 2017. Decorative dutch wall plates: brass, silver

Window (necklace), 2017. Brass picture hangers, silver

Bone China (pendants), 2017. Bones, porcelain paint, cotton cord

Fengguan, 2017. Bronze

Cloud Memory (necklace), 2017. Silver, computer hard drive patters: platinum alloy on aluminium

In 2017 Moniek Schrijer was awarded the Wellingtion Asia Residency Exchange (WARE), which allowed her to live and make work for 3 months in a studio in Xiamen, China.
While Moniek has been on a number of residencies previously, that was the first one that presented as an unknown for her due to the culture and the location.
Heart of the Golden Sun is a collection of found, made, purchased, and discarded items from Xiamen and New Zealand. The hand painted Delft blue pendants titled ‘Bone China’ are goat bones found on a beach and sport evident cut marks, The reflective silver pendants were orginaly computer hard drive platters purchased from a technology recyclers in NZ. Miniature shopping trolleys seemed unloved in the local souvenir store, so she bought them, along with the whale chopstick holders. Everyday plastic rubbish was collected and repurposed to use as moulds for wax which was then cast into bronze objects.
This exhibition explores a range of elements and concepts, including: memory; the ancient coin form; pattern; packaging, the souvenir; and ownership. It’s an observation of how meaning is created and observed, in the culture and time that we live in.

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